Mission Broadcasting Comments on F.C.C.’s March 21, 2024, Notice of Apparent Liability Ruling Regarding its Ownership of WPIX-TV, the CW of New York City

March 21, 2024, Wichita Falls, TX – Mission Broadcasting, Inc. today released the following statement from its President, Dennis Thatcher, regarding the F.C.C. Notice of Apparent Liability:

“Mission Broadcasting has had a nearly 28-year track record of owning and operating commercial television stations with nary a blemish on our record. We have prided ourselves on conducting our business in an open and transparent manner with the Federal Communications Commission and other governmental agencies. Mission was granted the license for WPIX-TV by a full vote of the F.C.C. in December 2020. We believe that this attempt at “revisionist history” by this F.C.C. is unwarranted and we plan to contest this ruling to the full extent the law allows.”